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You may be a traditional blue jeans gal, but sometimes you have to go bold with a bit of color and a fresh new fit. For that, James Jeans Womens Outlet has you covered. This collection of James Jeans womens straight leg, cuffed capris, cropped styles offers that casual, laid back look you love without sacrificing style.

From James Jeans womens boot cut and straight leg jeans to super skinny “Twiggy” legging jeans for expecting moms, each style comes in a range of colors that molds to the body to produce that elusive perfect fit. The James Jeans womens brand is known for making jeans that leave women feeling comfortable, confident, and sexy. Named after a fashionable personality, each denim style is designed to accentuate the body while hiding any flaws.


Womens James Jeans


James Jeans Womens Outlet

The first thing you will want to do when you bring your new James Jeans womens denim jeans home from the store is to wash them. Wash your dark James Jeans inside out. using cold water. Do not use hot water as this can make your jeans shrink.

Add a cup of white vinegar to a cold water rinse. The vinegar will help seal the dye within the fabric so that they won’t continue to bleed. You may want to put your james jeans through several cold wash cycle before you wear them for the first time.

If your James Jeans are still bleeding a lot after trying these steps, you can try soaking your jeans in cold water and vinegar overnight. If you follow the above steps, you should be able to stop your dark denim jeans from bleeding.

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