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There’s nothing better than great fitting women’s plus size jeans. Choose from five-pocket stretch jeans, Fineline stretch jeans, smooth-waist stretch jeans and more. We have straight leg, bootcut, boot flare, jeggings, leggings, wide leg styles, shorts, capris. All in plus size, average, petite and tall. Plus size jeans are cornerstone of any wardrobe. we offer a variety of colors and styles to match any taste. Shop our wide selection today! Related Searches.

Plus Size Jeans For Women


Jeans For Plus Size Women

Use the plus size fit guide below…
Created our own unique sizing system to reflect your fabulous fitting jeans you will love and enjoy. Your fit is specifically designed to be the best fit, feel and look for your body!

1.ACTUAL WAIST – As the labeled waist size usually differs from actual size. This will give you the idea of general sizing.
2.INSEAM – This is the distance from the crotch to the bottom of the leg at the inside.
3.OUTSEAM – This measurement is the measurement from the bottom of the leg to the waistband.
4.LEG OPENING – This is the base measurement from one side of the leg to the other. This measurement can give an idea of tapering, the literal opening, or the style differentiator of style.
5.FRONT RISE – How low do you want your jeans to sit? This is a measurement from the top of the waistband, to the crossing seams at the crotch.
6.BACK RISE – Want to know how covered your bum will be? This is the measurement from the top of the waistband at the back, straight down to the crossing seams at the crotch.

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